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PLM & PIM to power the fashion industry

A cutting-edge PLM and PIM solution that helps fashion brands manage their product lifecycle efficiently, enhancing organizational workflows, fostering supply chain transparency, and meeting key objectives for growth.

3 Clicks Cloud PLM


Years in the industry


Styles created daily





Dynamic sampling that improves quality whilst reducing costs.

Replace those spreadsheets with a beautiful fashion platform, fostering collaboration among teams, customers, and suppliers through structured workflows, ensuring visibility at every step.

3 Clicks addresses all of the associated challenges in manufacturing and selling fast fashion, whilst respecting brand integrity and licenses. 

Improve Quality

Manage your products and maintain your stringent standards leveraging the powerful critical path approval process. 

Source of Truth

It's all in the one best of breed platform. Save valuable time searching for key data in emails, spreadsheets and shared folders.

Reduce Costs

Analyze critical delivery timelines in real-time supporting collaboration with your customers, suppliers and your broader production team.

Eliminate confusion

There is no hiding from missed activities, with organisational wide transparency everyone has a clear view of any pending risks or issues. 

Transparency from start to finish

Simplify your production with intuitive software. Visually see the workflow of your product orders and insightfully designed reports.

3 Clicks Cloud  PLM

Mobility on all devices

Work anywhere with 3 Clicks Cloud web based software applications. We are wherever you need to be in this connected world. Live production data, reports and more, analytics, all at your fingertips.

3 Clicks Cloud  Style

Powerful real-time data reporting

Fashion is your business and managing milestones seamlessly is essential. Real-time production management throughout the entire supply-chain process offers insights and transparency throughout the journey from concept to delivery.

3 Clicks Cloud Fashion


In sustainable fashion, every thread is a commitment to transparency, responsibility, and the well-being of our planet and its people.

3 Clicks Cloud Automation

Eliminate bottlenecks  in product development

Enhance collaboration and communication

Enhance transparency and visibility

Reduce costs and improve profitability

3 Clicks Cloud Swirl
3 Clicks Cloud Overview

Manage product updates by automating time-consuming tasks, saving time and reducing risks of costly errors and rework.

Who is 3 Clicks Cloud for?

3 Clicks Cloud has been developed in close collaboration with the fashion apparel, accessory, footwear, and homewares industries. It's scaleable flexibility supports the newest start-up fashion labels right through to the largest global fashion brands in the retail and wholesale sectors.

WWW Artworks 3_edited.jpg

Wholesalers & Retailers

The only platform that can support your company at any scale.

Brands powered by 3 Clicks Cloud

Muscle Republic
3 Clicks Cloud Designworks
3 Clicks Cloud Review
White Fox
3 Clicks Cloud Love to Dream
3 Clicks Cloud Retail Apparel Group
3 Clicks Cloud Wittner
3 Clicks Cloud Brand Collective
3 Clicks Cloud Caprice New Zealand
3 Clicks Cloud LSKD
3 Clicks Cloud Caprice Australia
3 Clicks Cloud Peter Alexander

Success Stories

Empowering global and local businesses to thrive and innovate like never before.

3 Clicks Cloud Blog Designworks

Designworks simplifies Compliance, Production and Sustainability using 3 Clicks Cloud

3 Clicks Cloud Designworks
3 Clicks Cloud Taking Shape

Taking Shape improves production thanks to 3 Clicks Cloud

3 Clicks Cloud Taking Shape
3 Clicks Cloud Caprice
3 Clicks Cloud Blog Caprice

Caprice scaling up successfully with 3 Clicks Cloud

3 Clicks Cloud Caprice

What our clients say

3 Clicks Cloud Designworks

Amy Holman, Designworks

3 Clicks Cloud Sample
“3 Clicks is the solution that keeps everything running smoothly. It is easy to use and has endless benefits to us from the simple way of tracking critical paths to how we set up styles/orders."
3 Clicks Cloud Contact

Ready to optimize your production processes?

Give us 60 minutes and see how our solution can take your production journey to a whole new level.

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