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Caprice scaling up successfully with 3 Clicks Cloud


Caprice Success Story in Wholesale Business Growth and Strong Partnerships.

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In 2013, Caprice, a leading wholesale business across Australia and New Zealand, made a strategic decision to expand their product portfolio by venturing into the apparel industry. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive tool to handle, control, and report on production, Caprice began their collaboration with 3 Clicks Cloud in 2014. Since then, we have had the privilege of witnessing Caprice's growth and success, with a diverse portfolio ranging from generic, licensed, and branded products.

As Caprice expanded their business, they encountered no issues with increased volume, and it wasn't long before 3 Clicks Cloud was implemented across other areas of their operations. The 3 Clicks Cloud Supplier Portal not only manages all aspects of the production cycle but also promotes collaboration among stakeholders. The solution is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime, allowing Caprice's manufacturing team in China to fully benefit from its features. 

Caprice has overcome several challenges with the help of 3 Clicks Cloud, one of which was Critical Path tracking. With the introduction of 3 Clicks Cloud, this step has become easier, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and ensuring that all steps are performed and reported on. With 40+ inbuilt reports, Caprice can create and save their own reports for future use and have all information at their fingertips on request.

caprice team feedback to 3 Clicks Cloud

3 Clicks Cloud has enabled Caprice to control their manufacturing process, quality control, ethical sourcing, and licensing with ease. The solution is referred to by Caprice as a "modern solution with a commonsense ease to operate" as it is designed to provide full production transparency with a streamlined, step-by-step approach. We are committed to staying relevant and responsive to our clients' needs and are pleased to hear that we offer continuous upgrades and improvements to the system.

caprice team feedback to 3 Clicks Cloud

Caprice has also been an excellent example of how our wholesale clients can boost collaboration with their retail partners. They were one of the first clients to onboard the 3 Clicks Cloud Sales Portal, which allows them to share style and order information and keep communication in one central system with ease and simplicity.

We extend our gratitude to the team at Caprice for contributing to this case study and for joining us on our journey towards continued success.

caprice team feedback to 3 Clicks Cloud


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