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Where creativity meets productivity

3 Clicks seamlessly connects every stage of the production process, from design and development to throughout the full supply chain. Designed specifically for the fashion industry, our software streamlines workflows for all teams, providing clear visibility into each critical stage. Track progress, anticipate future challenges, and empower staff with data-driven decisions, supports enhanced productivity throughout the entire process.

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Everything in one place. Access your product data, manuals, range plans, orders, reports and analytics online.

Collaborate in real-time. Invite your suppliers and customers to work with you anywhere, anytime.

Transparency. One stop shop for the source of truth, boosting productivity with actual critical path dates and real progress.




Seamlessly translate concepts into finished designs supported by built-in design tools.

Style library from concept to finished product

Accommodate large artwork files

Supported Illustrator plugin

Collaborate with suppliers

Visual buying plan

Product Development

Say goodby to production delays and hello to workload visibility.

Teams to work on same set of data

Visual representation of data for reporting & analytics

Streamline sample reporting and approvals

Collaborate with suppliers for feedback & approvals

Leverage component library to speed up BOM process and track sustainability requirements

Version controlled documents

Manage data in bulk

Share and obtain costing from multiple suppliers at once


Sourcing & Production

Unlock seamless collaboration with suppliers for cost tracking, reporting, artwork files, sample reports, purchase orders, and more. Say goodbye to endless emails and spreadsheets. Boost efficiency and drive growth with effortless communication and data management.

Manage audits and standards for factory compliance

Tier 2, 3 & 4 supply chain visibility

Create orders and share with suppliers for full visibility

Version controlled documents

Central critical path tracking

Build and manage shipments leveraging existing order data, supporting split shipments and supplier collaboration

B2B Portal

Leveraging existing Style and eCommerce data, the B2B portal allows you to reach your customers with a visual showroom allowing sales orders to be placed and managed within one centralised solution.

Personalized B2B login & registration

Terms of use approvals for each customer

Quantity rules including MOQ, time-based availability, pack ordering

Checkout with ability to review and approve orders

Leveraging existing data to minimize workload

Sales order module with purchase ordering ability


AI & Analytics

Gain valuable insights to make smarter decisions by utilising data and actions from every stage of the product life cycle.

Streamline tasks and save time by reducing manual processes

Access all data in one place for fast, informed decision making

Customize user experiences to enhance engagement

Allocate resources efficiently and meet production deadlines with confidence

Enhance operational efficiency by pinpointing production delays and predicting future issues in the supply chain

Identify and address potential problems before they disrupt operations, minimizing risks


Customisable workflows, scalable architecture with integration capabilities.

Configure to meet your needs

Make 3 Clicks work for your business needs, start small and add as you grow.


Integrate with existing platforms such as ERP, eCom, Warehouse and more.

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Ready to optimize your production processes?

Give us 60 minutes and see how our solution can take your production journey to a whole new level.

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