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We help fashion brands to reduce organisational risk

3 Clicks Cloud PLM streamlines the product life cycle for fashion brands by providing transparent data access and minimizing organisational risk. We focus on building engagement and delivering value throughout the production cycle, optimising processes to drive success for our clients.

Teamwork in apparel

The 3 Clicks Cloud mission

Empower brands to operate efficiently through offshore manufacturing, providing full transparency to teams. By uniting internal teams, suppliers, and customers from design to delivery, we aim to reduce organizational risks and foster collaboration for shared success.

Driving Productivity

At 3 Clicks Cloud, we’re committed to helping brands in overcoming daily production challenges while driving efficiency and productivity.


Introducing efficient ways of working reduced headcount by 20%


Production volume increase boosted by 73%


Supplier claims cut in half thanks to closer supplier collaborations

Team meeting

Our team focus

Our teams are dedicated to ensuring that 3 Clicks remains focused on addressing industry needs through continuous innovation and performance enhancements for our clients, their suppliers, and customers.

We are here to help

Our team loves to help and empower fashion brands with the single source of truth for their products' life cycle.

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Apparel factory

Ready to optimize your production processes?

Give us 60 minutes and see how our solution can take your production journey to a whole new level.

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