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Taking Shape improves production thanks to 3 Clicks Cloud


Taking Shape's journey to using a transparent solution for Product Development.

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As a leading Australian retailer specializing in plus sized clothing for women, Taking Shape recognized the need to streamline and optimize their production process in order to remain competitive in the industry. In 2012, they partnered with 3 Clicks Cloud, a provider of transparent and fully integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, to help them achieve this goal. By implementing a fully transparent solution, Taking Shape was able to enhance seamless collaboration among staff and suppliers, leading to a more efficient and effective production management process. 

3 Clicks places a high importance on maintaining close connections with clients and is honored to have played a role in Taking Shape's success in the Australian apparel industry. Adrian Jacobson, Chief Information Officer of Taking Shape, recalled about the company's initial aim, which was to implement a single comprehensive system that offered transparency for style production and order tracking that would be accessible to all the staff. This system was meant to replace the existing fragmented processes that relied on the use of multiple spreadsheets, and 3 Clicks was honored to have been able to provide Taking Shape with such a solution that has enabled the company to achieve its objective and perform efficiently in its industry.

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In 2013, 3 Clicks Cloud was fully implemented at Taking Shape, rolling it out across the entire organization, allowing each team to fully embrace the new processes and integrate them into their daily operations. Jacobson further noted that 3 Clicks has had a significant impact in areas such as providing a single source of truth for all information used by staff, tracking the progress of styles and orders, and integrating with their ERP system. The Taking Shape Production Team also highlighted the benefits of 3 Clicks' Supplier Portal, milestone tracking reports, and accessibility from anywhere, making it a key asset while working from home.

taking shape team feedback

Overall, the business has had a positive experience with 3 Clicks Cloud and considers it to be invaluable to their operations. Today, it remains an integral part of Taking Shape's business, facilitating efficient and effective way to manage their production process as the company continues to grow. 


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