3 Clicks Apparel Will Make Your Whole Team Happy

Everyone plays a different (yet important!) role within the supply chain. 3 Clicks respects that. And that is why we have created the most sophisticated software that offers full visibility over the production cycle at any time. It's really that simple.

For your business to be competitive, improve results and increase margins you must have full transparency of the production process.

The importance of this openness also benefits the key roles within your business. Let's have a look at these roles and see how 3 Clicks can change your world. And save your life!

3 Clicks Has You Covered From Style To Shipment

With global competition and rapidly changing buyer requirements, the demand to support short fashion production cycles increases. There is also a huge focus on trying to reduce costs in the production process, to increase margins and ultimately the bottom line.

3 Clicks understands that efficient production scheduling is increasingly more and more important in today’s environment. By offering full visibility at all stages in the production cycle, our software will assist your business to work as one to achieve your timelines whilst eliminating costs.

To survive in this competitive market, manufacturers must react to market trends and cope with the retail demands whilst maintaining quality and compliance. Social and ethical responsibility is now an integral part of any organisation, however, this area can prove costly with the additional resources it requires to function. 3 Clicks has developed a full compliance module that will manage all your quality and social/ethical auditing requirements.

  Share Information with local and offshore suppliers
  Create and manage costings
  Reduce lead times and air freight costs with production and shipment management
  Manage staff, buyer's and supplier's performance in a centralised environment
  Supplier audit and license compliance in-line with you and your buyer's expectations
  Become one, departments working with consistent procedures across your organisation
  Eliminate buyer late delivery penalties or cancellations
  Guide suppliers in achieving your time frames, quality and delivery commitments
  Visual online production reporting
  Flexible templates, critical paths and uniform documentation
  Integrate with existing systems that you use today

This Could Be Your Team's Secret Weapon

Use our work management platform to make it simple for your organization to manage and visually see the entire production cycle.

Complete tasks and projects wherever you are working.

For more than 16 years we have helped deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients shipping millions of items.