Apparel Production Made Easy

Use our work management platform to make it simple for your organization to manage and visually see the entire production cycle.

Complete tasks and projects wherever you are working.

For over 16 years we have helped deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients shipping millions of items.

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Do you want to get a leg up on your competition and increase your margins while decreasing your production time?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the disparate parts of your business and want them to run together as a well-oiled machine?
Are you struggling to find what’s been completed? Does it feel like asking your staff for an accurate report is almost an impossible task?
Do you struggle to find information about your orders as they have been lost in a million emails and spreadsheets?
Does your team spend far too much time designing supporting documents when they could focus on more pressing matters?
Are you losing profits because you missed important delivery dates and had to ship by air?
Ever feel like your production is held back by unresolved issues resulting in delays and late and costly deliveries?
If you answer yes to any of the above, solving these problems is what 3 Clicks does for our clients every day.

Streamline Your Production

Simplify your organization by managing and visually seeing the entire production cycle all in one place. Our work management platform makes it easy to complete tasks and projects wherever you are working onsite, offsite or in-between.

For more than 16 years we have helped deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients shipping millions of items. With this experience, we have created nuanced software solutions for your supply-chain to be easy for you and your suppliers.

3 Clicks Cloud is also an online production portal connecting manufacturers and suppliers. Currently, we have more than 1800 suppliers and companies registered in over thirty countries that have shipped over 500 million garments. With so many clients successfully using our software you can see why we are used in over thirty countries worldwide and growing.

3 Clicks Key Features

Elegant software solutions

Simplify your production with intuitive software. Visually see the workflow of your product orders and insightfully designed reports. Increase productivity and ROI in today's distributed workplace.

Mobility on all devices

Work anywhere that has a connection to the web with 3 Clicks Cloud based software applications. We are wherever you need to be in the connected world. Live production data, reports, shipping, planning, costing and more, all at your fingertips.

Unified apparel production

Fashion is your business and managing milestones seamlessly is essential. Real-time production management throughout the entire supply-chain process offers insights and transparency throughout the journey from concept to delivery.

How Does 3 Clicks Work?

Our configurable web platform allow you to have full control over how you're set up.

Who Is It For?

3 Clicks is designed around buyers and suppliers. We have one version with two different views.


You create and track anything production related in the full production system. You will ask your suppliers to register for a free online portal account that you link to your system.

Suppliers & Factory Owners

Suppliers create a free 3 Clicks portal account that they log into to access production data that their linked buyers have shared with them.


Why Choose 3 Clicks Cloud?

Avoid major issues by identifying them before they happen.
The software has the following streamlined and integrated applications.


A product developers dream, the style library that is keeping all design elements in one central location.

Component & Inventory

Components library with style and finished good details with inventory management function.


Say goodbye to never-ending spreadsheets, costings provide all the data you need in one place, allowing you to analyze costs through detailed and easy to read reports.


An asset designed for the entire team: streamline production, allocating activities to your team and intervene as soon as issues arise. Say goodbye to tight deadline-induced headaches.


Be in charge of social and ethical standards, connect directly with agents and factories, monitoring their compliance status and related CAPS.


Organize the shipping processes, this invaluable tool will allow you to reduce the risks of late deliveries, penalties and air freights.


Create a claim in a few seconds, share with your supplier to establish future improvements and recover costs within a few clicks.


Manage license contracts in one single location, add with ease, filter by status and manage royalties, CMF, marketing costs and minimums without wading through excel files and documents for hours!


Forecast upcoming seasons, choose within a variety of display options, add styles with the good old simple drag and drop method! Create orders with just a click straight from the planner.

3 Clicks Cloud Cares

We treat our own people VERY well. We give each person a role that they can excel in. We have a few. clear and progressive company policies. Our team knows what is expected from them.

We always do our best to make our customers feel comfortable. 3 Clicks Cloud offers clear and affordable pricing.

Transparency is a core value. We are only too happy to assist in any way possible to make potential customers comfortable before making any decisions.


Happy Client Testimonials

"3 Clicks is the solution that keeps everything running smoothly. It is easy to use and has endless benefits to us from the simple way of tracking critical paths to how we set up styles/orders."
Amy Holman
"In today's competitive market, 3 Clicks Cloud is one of our unique advantages."
Lisa Grant

Happy Client Testimonials