3 Clicks features

Elegant software solutions

Simplify your production with intuitive software. Visually see the workflow of your product orders and insightfully designed reports. Increase productivity and ROI in today's distributed workplace.

Mobility on all devices

Work anywhere with 3 Clicks Cloud web based software applications. We are wherever you need to be in this connected world. Live production data, reports, shipping, planning, costing and more, all at your fingertips.

Unified apparel production

Fashion is your business and managing milestones seamlessly is essential. Real-time production management throughout the entire supply-chain process offers insights and transparency throughout the journey from concept to delivery.

Define processes that everyone can rely on

For more than 16 years we have helped deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients shipping millions of items. With this experience, we have created nuanced, software solutions for your supply-chain to be easy for you and your suppliers.

3 Clicks Cloud is also an online production portal connecting manufacturers and suppliers. Currently, we have more than 1800 suppliers and companies registered in over thirty countries that have shipped over 500 million garments. With so many clients successfully using our software you can see why we are used in over thirty countries worldwide and growing.

Empower your team. Let us help you get started.