"Hi, I'm Anja from Production. I am the chief amongst employees. The multi-tasking extraordinaire that coordinates all staff members efforts. Follow me for a snapshot."


Simple tracking that reduces production costs and improves quality. Reduce airfreight, late deliveries, retailer penalties and improve quality with 3 Clicks flexible activity system. 3 Clicks empowers your business to track the key date driven activities of the apparel manufacturing process and automatically plan staff and suppliers work day.


Track and manage every aspect of the purchase order critical path from the initial style concept right through to delivery. Allocate or manage key milestones and know exactly at which stage your orders are at in a snapshot. 3 Clicks offers an unparrelled management experience allowing you to keep on top of production and meet the deadlines.


Reporting with total visibility of your purchase orders and milestone activities due in your production process. Always keep track of your due dates with visual prompts what activities are due, overdue and are already completed. All reports can be scheduled, printed, PDF's or exported to excel. Whatever your preference, it's just that easy.

Packed the right way

Eliminate creased and damaged garments and reduce waste by minimising packaging materials and shipment space. Help your suppliers to pack your items to meet yours and most importantly, your customers requirements. 3 Clicks packaging instruction templates can be created and maintained for your customers , departments and any packing method combination.

Your team will love it

Manage the workload of your production team by allocating activities for completion. You can monitor when approvals or rejections come through and with the information at your fingertips you can head off any potential issues that may stop you from achieving that tight in-store deadline.


3 Clicks understands that data changes on a daily basis and it needs to be easy and quick to update. 3 Clicks is a living system so when you make a change to an order everyone can see those updates instantly. It's a great feeling to always have up to date order information accessible to help in making the right decisions.

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