Frequently Asked Questions


What size business is 3 Clicks Apparel for?

3 Clicks has been design to accommodate small micro boutique businesses right through to enterprise size organisations that want to take control of their production. If it's 100 garments per month or 1,000,000, we have you covered.

Is there a 3 Clicks Apparel demo available?

We can provide a demonstration site upon request. It's important that 3 Clicks is the right solution for your business, contact us to find out more information.

What equipment do I need to use 3 Clicks?

3 Clicks is an on-line hosted service and you need an internet connected device with an up to date web browser.

When am I charged for 3 Clicks Apparel?

3 Clicks customers are invoiced on a monthly basis for the orders Created in that preceding month.

Is 3 Clicks Apparel only for any specific manufacturing industry?

3 Clicks was born in Australia and currently used across the globe. Let us know your requirements and we a happy to work with you.


Are we charged to access our customer orders?

No, suppliers are not charged to access customer orders. Registration is free and can be completed in around 60 seconds.

Is support available?

Yes, we provide on-line support to all suppliers via the wiki and support ticketing system.


How do you provide support?

We provide support to 3 Clicks clients on-line via our support centre, a personalised ticketing system, phone and email. We are here to help!

Can you provide an example of your support centre?

Sure, contact us and we can walk you through the experience and ensure all your questions are covered off.