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3 Clicks Cloud is a Product Life Management (PLM) platform for fashion wholesalers and retailers and covers the full production cycle bringing products to market from design, development, sourcing, licensing, ranging, manufacturing, compliance right through to delivery. 3 Clicks enables your business to fully manage and visually see the entire production process, all in one location.

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What is PLM Software?

Product Lifecycle Management Software, also known as PLM, is designed to streamline the entire production process by providing a central source of information.

The software is built to connect all production related tasks and data, making the process more automated and accelerated in a fully transparent environment.

Boost your Productivity

3 Clicks provides real time production data with reporting displaying progress against the product critical path.

3 Clicks Cloud offers a seamless transition between the main production applications for styles, costings, orders & shipping with supporting applications for components, compliance, license, ranging & claims.

3 Clicks Key Features

Transparency from start to finish

Simplify your production with intuitive software. Visually see the workflow of your product orders and insightfully designed reports. Increase productivity and ROI in today's distributed workplace.

Mobility on all devices

Work anywhere that has a connection to the web with 3 Clicks Cloud based software applications. We are wherever you need to be in the connected world. Live production data, reports, shipping, planning, costing and more, all at your fingertips.

Powerful real-time data reporting

Fashion is your business and managing milestones seamlessly is essential. Real-time production management throughout the entire supply-chain process offers insights and transparency throughout the journey from concept to delivery.

How Does 3 Clicks Work?

3 Clicks Cloud allows you and your team to have full access and control over the PLM process from start to finish.

Who is 3 Clicks Cloud for?

3 Clicks Cloud is a central hub, managing style development and production process including supporting areas such as sustainability, ranging & licensing. Built in close collaboration with the fashion apparel, accessory, footwear & homewares industries. Our platform is customisable to suit any size team, wholesalers or retailers, flexible in meeting your business unique requirements.

Wholesalers & Retailers

Improve team productivity by managing workflows with visual representation throughout the platform. With easy access to live production data, product teams will be assured in having full visibility and control across all stages of the production process.

Suppliers & Customers

Accessing data via their portal accounts, suppliers and customers gain access to production related data shared with them by your team.

Collaboration between all parties is made easy using one platform.


Why Choose 3 Clicks Cloud?

Our PLM software is providing businesses with accurate live data insights by working in a single, transparent, and shared platform. If you’re interested in standing out from the competition, de-risking your business and avoiding major issues by identifying them before they happen, then we can help you.
Our software offers a seamless transition between 9 in-built applications.


A product developers dream, with a style library that keeps all design elements in one central location.

Component & Inventory

A Components library with style and finished good details with an inventory management and sustainability function.


Say goodbye to never-ending spreadsheets. All the data you need is in one place, allowing you to analyse costs through detailed and easy to read reports.


An asset designed for the entire team. Streamline production by allocating activities to your team.


Oversee social and ethical standards. Connect directly with agents and factories, and monitor their compliance status and related CAPS.


Organise the shipping processes. This invaluable tool will allow you to reduce the risks of late deliveries, penalties and air freights.


Share the details of you claim with your supplier in jus a few clicks.


Manage license contracts in one single location without scrolling through excel files and documents for hours!

Range Planner

Range upcoming seasons by choosing within a variety of display options and add styles with the good old simple drag and drop method!

Trusted by 2,500+ wholesalers, retailers & manufacturers

"3 Clicks is the solution that keeps everything running smoothly. It is easy to use and has endless benefits to us from the simple way of tracking critical paths to how we set up styles/orders."
Amy Holman
"In today's competitive market, 3 Clicks Cloud is one of our unique advantages."
Lisa Grant

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