"Hi, I'm Frank from Shipping. I'm the mastermind working with local and international stakeholders to ensure the seamless change over from manufacturer to freight forwarder and delivery. So, what can 3 Clicks do for you?"

Freight Management

Plan your shipments by building containers, with order information at your fingertips. If an order is late (it can still happen), you can easily manage it by pulling orders from the shipment in one click.Keep track of your movements with the help of Freight Status alerts and integrate with your favourite freight forwarder.

Stay Informed

With 3 Clicks, you can summarise your shipping data in a detailed overview of orders, quantities and shipping status.Manage your shipments by ETD, ETA and In-Store Date then instantly drill down to Department, Factory, Vessel, Customer, Shipping Method. 3 Clicks allows you to slice and dice shipments in a way that works for you.

Eliminate Airfreight

Reduce airfreight, late deliveries, retailer penalties. 3 Clicks is an invaluable tool for planning warehouse deliveries that has you covered to manage full or split shipments that meet customer requirements or supply constraints.

Packed the Right Way

Eliminate creased and damaged garments and reduce waste by minimising packaging materials and shipment space. Help your suppliers to pack your garments to meet yours and most importantly, your customers requirements.

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