"Hi, I'm Jamie from Sales. I'm the go getter, the link between our customers and the production team. Together we can create some awesome things by sharing data on the go. I'm able to archive maximum value for our business with the help of 3 Clicks. Here's some benefits..."


3 Clicks can be used to proactively retain and develop business across your customer portfolio. Leverage reports to quickly find customer information on current and passed sales history, it's an amazing tool and helps maximising the revenue from your customers but also build lasting relationships.


By reviewing each customers history, it's easy to analyse data for potential customer expansion or developing new relationships with the facts straight up. Present newly developed styles to your customer right from your laptop or mobile device on the fly and show them just how capable your organisation is.

Everywhere you are

You should to be able to access customer information when you need it in real-time. 3 Clicks is accessible anywhere where you have internet connection. You can be on the road, in another country, you name it and still be able to respond to your customer queries in a matter of seconds.

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