Quality Assurance

"Hi, I'm Jenny from QA. My team and I control and coordinate the deployment of quality systems and certification processes within the organisation. I am the bee's knees, queen of the crop."

Control Centre

Centrally manage Quality Assurance testing requirements and activities within each unique purchase order. With 3 Clicks, you can track and store Inspection Reports, Metal Detection and Needle Breakage documents, In-line Inspection Reports and more all in the one transparent location.

QA Testing Reports

There is no more searching through network drives for files. Simply upload Testing Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, Quality Standards or any other file type associated with each purchase order. One click to open and all the information is at your fingertips.

Personal Assistant

To ensure your product meets the standards required, each unique order has many discrete activities to complete. 3 Clicks has you covered, your workload is automatically planned in real-time and priorities set. You can focus on ensuring the quality is achieved and avoid wasting precious time wading through mountains of documents. How cool is that!

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