"Hi I'm John from Management. The multi-tasking extraordinaire that coordinates all staff members efforts whilst leading the business. So, what can 3 Clicks really do for you? Lots, let me explain..."

Improve Margins

3 Clicks provides total transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process from design to delivery. 3 Clicks reduces airfreight costs, improve quality, eliminate late deliveries and retailer penalties. You can be jet-setting across the globe securing that next deal with the comfort of knowing that with 3 Clicks you have the capacity to manage that big order!

Your team will love it

Manage the workload of your production team by allocating activities to be completed. Staff members will report to those activities, so you can monitor when approvals or reports are completed. With the information at your fingertips you can head off any potential issues that may stop you from achieving that tight in-store date.

Enhance Supplier Relationships

3 Clicks further strengthens supplier relationships. Your suppliers are as passionate and dedicated as you are. Now they have instant access to order information to deliver the best product even outside of your business hours. Round the clock, 7 days a week, they know that 3 Clicks is the single source of truth and the only reference to build that perfect item.

Bring it all together

Manufacturing to tight timeframes requires a lot of co-ordination and effort from your business, suppliers, customers and even licensor's, with 3 Clicks you can alleviate all of the stress and fuss and focus on doing what you do best. 3 Clicks will make your business stand out from the crowd as a trusted supplier that delivers on time, on budget and the highest quality.

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