Simple way to implement advanced production software

Starting simple will ensure success in implementing software within any business. Book a demo with us to see how 3 Clicks can transform your business.

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We believe implementation should be predictable and manageable

No surprise costs, support 24/7

Go live target

90 days

Expertise included

150 hours

Predictable implementations

We charge a fixed implementaion fee so you'll know exactly how much you 're going to pay before the project starts. No surprises.

We complete implementation projects remotely or onsite where available.


We'll kick off your project with an introduction to your dedicated 3 Clicks point of contact. They'll review the scope that you've signed up for ensuring everything aligns before considering and putting together a project plan for you to review and approve.


These are the steps you need to complete initially to get you ready to configure your applications and test the workflow. Whenever possible, your 3 Clicks contact will provide you with best practice examples, templates and pre-load settings in order to save you time. Here are some areas where we'll be able to add most value during setup:

  • - Data mapping and set up
  • - Advise on best practice critical path set ups
  • - Pre-loading best practice user roles with specific access rights
  • - Importing data, set up application specific requirements
  • - Supplier on-boarding and linking
  • - Reviewing data configurations

To transition a core part of your business to a new way of working requires careful change management. The configuration process is designed to enable you to road test the production processes in 3 Clicks that you're going to use for your initial go live.

We strongly believe in starting simple to get live with 3 Clicks, refining and optimizing the processes once you have adjusted to the new way of working.

If integration is part of the project go live, it needs to be configured in full in advance of any end to end testing and will be measured against their documentation or specification if they are bespoke. If integration will be part of your initial implementation, this will need to be part of your implementation scope and plan.


Training for your superuser begins as soon as you have access to your 3 Clicks account. We want your key resources to be experts as early on as possible to help making informed decisions during configuration and for you to own the training for your team members.

Flexible training sessions are booked in around your day, onsite or remote.


We recommend that you invest most of your time and energy into this phase of the implementation for a smoother go live transitioning. The user acceptance testing is organised for you by your 3 Clicks contact and involves test scenarios for your team to complete.

The feedback from these scenarios will help identifying any gaps in the processes, your understanding or the configurations, anything that might cause issues once live.


Prior to the go live day, we'll review the go live checklist, reviewing all of your configurations, testing and training. Once approved, the go live can go ahead.

Our standard go live period lasts 3 days, the first day consists of preparations, the second day is the go live and the last day is for supporting any challenges that might arise.