"Hi, I'm Ivan from Claims. I manage all claims with assistance from our team in the warehouse. Together our role is to identify faults and work with our suppliers to improve our future products and resolve issues today. So what can 3 Clicks do for you?"

Improve Quality

Unfortunately on the odd occasion, an order makes it to the warehouse failing the expected quality from your suppliers. There might be creases due to poor packaging practices or threads need clipping. With 3 Clicks you can create and track claims back to suppliers in a few seconds and use this for future improvements or to recover costs.

Work with Suppliers

3 Clicks claims will automatically generate supplier performance profiles for you. This can be invaluable to help identify areas requiring improvements to assist in reducing rework expenses and improve quality. Your suppliers history will always be up to date and can be leveraged when costing future work or creating new orders. Too easy!

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