"I am one of the delegated administrators in 3 Clicks. We are the backbone of the business, the quiet achiever and we are responsible for different areas in production. So what can 3 Clicks do for you? Lots, let me explain..."

Raise Purchase Orders

With styles at your fingertips, 3 Clicks can create a Purchase Order in seconds and automatically update everyone's personal assistant with activities. Once the order is created the factories will instanty have access to start work immediately. So very simple!

Keycodes, Barcodes, TUN

Multiple spreadsheets for managing codes? Let 3 Clicks manage it for you. Barcodes, Keycodes and TUN numbers by colour, size and dimension are all catered for with ease in 3 Clicks. Your factories will love it, once they login, codes are associated to each of their orders.


Centrally manage ticketing in 3 Clicks, with each order including a dedicated ticketing area it's easy to keep track of Price Sticker / TAG orders as well as internally sourced branding items including Security Hard Tags, Accessory Bags and any Licensed Branding.

Control Centre

With deligated permissions, you can control every aspect of your 3 Clicks environment using the inbuilt intuitive controls. This is the heart and soul of your 3 Clicks implementation and where you can pave the way for making 3 Clicks unique to you.

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