We Care

First of all, we treat our own people VERY well. We always try to give each person a role that they can excel in. We have few, clear and progressive company policies, and we always set clear and concise expectations.

We always do our best to make our customers feel comfortable. 3 Clicks Apparel offers clear and affordable pricing, and we are only too happy to assist in any way possible to make potential customers comfortable before making any decisions.

We Listen

We love our customers and the fact that they have chosen 3 Clicks Apparel as the solution to help grow their business.

We always include the valued feedback in the design and testing of new features, and thank them for their help when those features are released (of course).

We reply to every email and phone call, and limit the newsletters to one a month and make sure they are waffle free, short and to the point! (BTW, we hate spam).

We are a moral business in our competitive marketplace and in no circumstances will we ever speak poorly of competitors.

We Deliver

We believe in the power of visual communication. Images are represented throughout 3 Clicks for instant recognition of styles and orders at a glance, it's a very visual industry.

We challenge every decision we make in the development of 3 Clicks Apparel to ensure that it meets our feature objectives and most importantly easy to use.

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